Your Party Season Capsule Wardrobe

By Alyce Cowell, originally published on

As if the thought of your never-ending lists of Christmas presents, food, decorations and things to do wasn’t stressful enough, along comes party season. Sure, this sounds fun and like a perfect way to let your hair down at the end of a busy year, but when you’re expected to shop for a whole new wardrobe for all of your social events (on top of everything else!) it can get even more overwhelming – and expensive.

The solution? A party season capsule wardrobe made up of a small collection of highly edited, versatile, festive and interchangeable pieces. Buy one main piece and change it up with accessories, or buy them all and wear them over and over again as part of your day and night closets.

I’ve chosen three-star items that will carry you through every event, from a casual Christmas Day to a special New Year’s Eve, and included just a couple of jackets, clutches and shoes that you can reuse for every outfit. So thrifty!

The all-rounder little black dress

The all-rounder little black dress
If you’re looking for just one key piece you can style multiple ways, look no further than the LBD!

Outfit combos:

  • Wear on its own with a colour-pop heel
  • Add a sharp blazer in black or white for a polished look, or a bright colour for something more creative
  • Drape a denim jacket over your shoulders and add a metallic belt and party heel for a daytime party

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Pictured: Witchery Stitched Blazer, Sheike Fiesta Playsuit, Windsor Smith Gabriel Heels, Witchery Sommer Clutch.

The festive playsuit

What’s Christmas without a little splash of red? This Sheike playsuit is absolutely perfect for every event you have coming up, whether it’s a work function, end-of-year lunch with friends or a New Year’s celebration!

Outfit combos:

  • Turn heads with a super fashion-forward, on-trend, red-on-red set
  • Tie a denim jacket around your waist and add a sparkly clutch
  • Wear on its own and let the playsuit do the talking! Just add statement earrings

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Pictured: Witchery Stitched Blazer, Sheike Fiesta Playsuit, Windsor Smith Gabriel Heels, Witchery Sommer Clutch.

The day-to-night maxi dress

Maximise your wardrobe wear by investing in a festive dress that can be easily styled up or down, depending on what sort of party you’re going to. The best part? You can wear this long after Christmas is over!

Outfit combos:

  • Dress it down for a BBQ or Christmas Day with a denim jacket and sandals
  • Dress it up for a night out with a feature belt, party heels and a statement clutch
  • Make it your own for day or night by slipping a t-shirt over the top and tying in a knot, or layering a lace blouse or metallic top underneath.

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