Seven Keep-Me-Warm Investment Buys To Snatch On Sale

seven keep me warm feature

By Juliette Olah, originally published on

Westfield’s annual Fashion Weekend is approaching at warp speed, hitting centres 18th -19th March. With bagfuls of deals to be relished, now is not the time to forsake preparedness. Yes, you’ve begun to witness the weather do funny things- like rain dripping through sunshine and sudden blustery outbursts. The season has shifted, autumn is here, and your wardrobe likely isn’t giving you the same functional and aesthetic hit it did in earlier months.

Sort it, dear sale-goer, by eyeing your winter investment buys now and organising a tight wishlist from A-Z. Come Saturday morning, plonk your feet from bed to floor, peruse your email for the latest Fashion Weekend offers from your favourite brands, then leisurely wander over to your local Westfield to fetch luscious, wintery goodies that will impress you with their multiple box-ticking abilities. Snuggly warmth achieved, new season cuts added to your wardrobe rotation, and a price that’s just so darn right.


Pictured above: 1. Jeanswest jumper 2. Mimco boots 3. Swarovski earrings 4. Oroton bag 5. Country Road leather legging 6. Oroton Vivienne Sunglasses 7. Country Road trench