Navitime Instagram Content Strategy

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Leading GPS navigation app, Navitime, wanted to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by redesigning their digital brand and launching a social media presence. They needed to engage tourists, especially English speakers. I crafted a content strategy to set the direction and tone for the @NavitimeJapan Instagram account.

Using top-performing travel Instagram account as a springboard, I was able to highlight the differences between travel in Australia compared to travel in Japan. A strategic base was established by outlining the key reasons tourists visit Japan. I introduced five content pillars that reflected the key aspects of travel in Japan, provided the brand with a tone of voice for their social channels, and outlined a creative influencer engagement approach for launch to coincide with Cherry Blossom season. By highlighting Japan’s iconic, as well as undiscovered, attractions via content, Navitime were able to establish themselves as an approachable, local authority on travel across the country.

*Below is a selection of slides that give a preview of elements of the strategy. Full details have been omitted due to confidentiality.

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