Lip Goals: 3 Glossy Saviours That Will Kiss Your Chapped Pout Goodbye

Max Mara - Backstage - Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018/19

Around this time of year I realise Australia is actually a cold, gruesome place. It’s blustery, chilly, a little darker than usual and people don’t seem to exercise much umbrella etiquette. While we certainly don’t battle the apocalyptic snowstorms of New York or the icy freeze-overs of Copenhagen, there are certain nasty, niggling cold-weather issues that even those in the lucky country have to sort out for themselves.

Let’s talk lips. During winter, mine get hideously chapped – dehydrated to the point of stinging splits and tight, crackly skin that feels like I’m talking through two flakey potato chips.

Sure, I could just slather on some Carmex or apply a few spoonfuls of paw paw to those suckers. But I like combination wins with my winter. Namely, a glossy, divine-smelling pout, drenched in a rich, cheer-me-up hue that leaves my lips practically perfect.

So, with my lip goals front of mind, I asked the professionals (ie. my beauty-obsessed colleagues) and uncovered three top picks for chap-fighting, skin-soothing tinted lip products money can buy this winter. Kiss, kiss. lips-Numbered-editorial-body-800x500

Pictured: 1. Lanolips Tinted Lip Balm in Red Apple, 2. Mirenesse Glossy Lips Trio from Sephora, 3. MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm in Teddy Pink from David Jones.