Decorate Like A Grown-Up: 4 Ways To Turn Your Habitat Into An Adult Home

1476310843928Pictured above: Linen House Claudia Bed Linen

Upping your interior ante to a more mature level is a life step unwise to miss. Oft overlooked by even the most ‘together’ adults, advancing your living quarters to that of home status can be a catalyst for waves of progress in seemingly unrelated areas. Entertaining becomes smoother as you offer guests a smart occasional chair rather than a reluctant seat on a rickety fold out, and levels of calm and comfort soar when you can end your days sliding between sheets that have not been washed and dried into a coarse and hagged oblivion. Elevate your habitat and the quality of your life frequently follows.

Easier said than done? Not entirely, but you will need to be prepared to swap tired bits and bobs to purge your space of the youngster vibe. Lots of cash isn’t essential either; start small and save for the bigger pieces. Just because you’re transitioning into mature mode doesn’t mean second-hand is out of style.

And remember, now that you’re about to walk through the non-creaky doors of adult-land, never judge when you recognise you’ve entered a home that doesn’t quite match an owner’s maturity. Your unaware host might just need a polite memo in the way of some artfully boxed napkins the next time you pop around for wine night. Be the change.



Pictured clockwise from right: Country Road Picture Frames and Vessels, Typo Poster, Bella Frame from David Jones, Typo Poster Frame, Elbow Photo Frame from David Jones.

Yes, posters and prints do count, no, they cannot be left unframed. If art deserves wall real estate at your place, it needs to be dressed appropriately. Evolve beyond the Blu-Tack days into a hook and hang system and allow yourself to dabble in different frame styles and sizes. Experimentation and originality always reap rewards. If you still insist on keeping your inspiration naked consider the fridge your free space.

Bed linen


Pictured clockwise from right: Linen House Claudia bed set, Gorman Pillowcase, Linen & Moore Quilt Insert, Country Road Pillowcase, Country Road Throw.

You spend half your life in bed. Or maybe it’s a third of your life. I’m not sure, but it’s a fair chunk and it has a vast impact on your every waking minute. Snooze poorly and everyone has to hear the incessant whinge, or worse, tolerate wild sleep-deprived tantrums.

Put a stop to it adult and get on with daylight hours by investing in sophisticated bed linen, blankets and quality quilts and underlays that would make your grandmother proud. My lovely Oma made hers every day of her life. Grandmothers always know best – no argument.



Pictured clockwise from left: Country Road bowl and salad servers, Wheel & Barrow Placemat, Alex Liddy Dinner Set from House, Country Road Napkin, Country Road Wine Glass.

If you shudder at the thought of other living beings progressing beyond the limits of your doorway it might be because you have sub-par entertaining equipment (something termed tableware). Keep it simple and pick up a set of matching dinnerware, some servers (high on the guest impress scale), some cloth napkins (ditto) and a set of statement wine, craft beer and/or cocktail glasses depending on your tipple preferences.



Pictured clockwise from left: Georg Jenson vase, Casa Domani Vetro Vase from House, Habitania Black and Gold vase, Habitania Polyresin vase.

You score well if you own a vase, better if you own more than one size and top marks if at least one of your vases currently contains living flora (FYI: a tumbler does not count). Vintage style vases are always fashionable for edgier adult homes, while clear glass is the epitome of classic. Try having one vase close to 15cms and one around 25cms and you’ll be prepared for whatever bunch your guests reward you with for improving the tableware.

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