ASOS Unicorn Day


Autumn is a bit of a fashion downer for most Australians. As customers wave goodbye to their favourite summer beach-to-bar ensembles and the frivolity of festival and beach season wraps up, customers see less opportunity to express themselves and have fun with fashion.

Focusing on the key objective of re-engaging customers through an organic socially-driven activity, I devised a strategy to introduce a bespoke themed-day that the brand could own during Autumn to lift customer’s spirits and inspire them with ASOS’s quirky sense of fun. It had to be utterly unexpected, completely unique and add distinct ASOS magic to every customer’s day.

With International Unicorn Day approaching, ASOS Unicorn Day was born, and with it, ASOS’s own unicorn character ‘Denali’. I drove the activity from strategy, to conception and creative execution, crafting the tone for ‘Denali’ the unicorn, and briefing UK merchandising and design departments on the creative direction which referenced internet memes and pop-culture to engage with ASOS’s female youth demographic.

On Unicorn Day, the ASOS homepage rained multi-coloured glitter and horseshoes, delighting customers who visited the site. Supported with whimsical unicorn-themed product galleries, customers were immediately drawn into the magic of ASOS unicorn day, and encouraged to experiment with their style.

Across social media, Denali the unicorn surprised audiences by taking over ASOS’s social channels, live tweeting with customers about his cheeky unicorn antics, and generating plenty of LOLs across Facebook and Instagram with his pop-culture inspired memes.

Customers welcomed Denali and ASOS Unicorn Day in magical proportions, and we organically drove a 40% increase in engagement on Facebook. Instagram also saw a 25% spike in organic new follows, and total ASOS revenue on the day increased by 35%. All proving, magic really does happen.


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