ASOS Click Frenzy Campaign

Click Frenzy is a highly competitive trade day, with hundreds of retailers announcing large store-wide discounts across the same 24 hour period. Customers get fatigued and overwhelmed seeing competing graphic sale callouts across social media, with most campaigns ignoring the opportunity to engage their followers.

The creative approach for ASOS click frenzy needed to cut through a high-volume of noise across social, while remembering our mission to remain customer-obsessed, and take every opportunity to entertain our audience.

Graphic-style sale posters don’t inspire customer recall, but stories, and Ryan Gosling, do. Addressing our dual objective to engage audiences while meeting strict revenue targets, a two-part social Click Frenzy campaign was designed.

Part 1: Facebook audiences were asked to choose one of two sale offers by commenting on a Facebook post (30% off everything vs. $75 off $250). Once a set number of customers had voted in the comments, the start of the sale was announced. I designed cheeky, meme-style creative, using humour and a low-fi aesthetic to keep ASOS content looking native in social feeds and remain distinct from the the dull ‘buy it now’ messages used by other retailers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.52.55 AM

Part 2: Towards the end of the sale, audiences were given the opportunity to extend the offer if 500 ‘likes’ were received on a second Facebook post. Using an image of baby otters provided unexpected delight for our audience and they responded by hitting ‘like’ 472 times beyond what was required to extend the sale – that’s otter power for you!

The campaign overall drove a 70% spike in daily engagement on Facebook and our sales KPI was exceeded by 50%.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.53.14 AM