ASOS All Nighter Dance Party

ASOS partnered with UK songstress Jessie Ware in a first-to-market social and digital campaign that engaged fans with a unique, never-been done virtual experience.

The ASOS All Nighter united fans to partake in the world’s first online dance party, with Australia being first the first to launch the party. The campaign was 100% socially led. We live tweeted throughout the night, interacting directly with fans to encourage attendance to the party site and ran a series of Twitter games themed around the acts performing, including our headliner Jessie Ware. A public hit counter tracked the number of party-goers and unlocked exclusive DJ and band sets all night.

The ASOS All Nighter gained over 17,000 Australian attendees, generated an 80% spike in engagement and we set the campaign hashtag trending across the country with our live tweet games and direct responses to party-goers throughout the night.


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