Elf on the Shelf

To celebrate Christmas Westfield partnered with Elf on the Shelf to bring a little magic to the festive season and create experiences that could be enjoyed in the physical and digital space. 

A treasure hunt, led by daily Facebook clues, ran across 12 days challenging customers to find the hidden Elf on the Shelf in their local Westfield centre to win Christmas prizes. 

To support the activity,  a series of Elf on the Shelf digital editorial content was produced to inspire our audience to get creative with craft, cooking and more to welcome Elf on the Shelf to their home for Christmas. 


3 Elf on the Shelf inspired activities to enjoy this Christmas

Words and images by Barbara O’Riley, originally published on westfield.com.au in partnership with Elf on the Shelf. 

Scout Elves are nifty crafters and really enjoy making things and trying out recipes just for fun. To help get you in the festive spirit they want to share some of their favourite craft and recipe ideas with you. Check out their top three ideas for fun family activities this season.

Build snowmen

5 Activities to enjoy with your Scout Elf this Aussie Christmas 1 of 5
In December, snowmen crafted by the Scout Elves can be seen dotting the landscape at the North Pole. But you don’t need to go outside to create the perfect puffy white snowmen! Grab cotton balls, pom-poms, paddle pop sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and whatever other craft supplies you have on hand and encourage your kids to get creative as they craft their own faux snowmen!

Make elf fairy bread

5 Activities to enjoy with your Scout Elf this Aussie Christmas 4 of 5
Out of all the Aussie traditions, elves love fairy bread the most. This treat involves brushing your favourite type of bread with butter and then adding festive sprinkles on top! When you make this treat, be sure to use mini toasts to create some to leave out for your Scout Elf as well!


5 Activities to enjoy with your Scout Elf this Aussie Christmas 5 of 5 alternative

Just because we can’t play in the snow at Christmastime doesn’t mean we can’t still take part in traditional snow fun. Elves love using‘snow’ (desiccated coconut) and biscuit cutters to make snow stamps in, and we think your family will have a blast, too!